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Yamasong: March of the Hollows -TRAILER (directed by Sam Koji Hale) - (Shojun, the terrapin warrior)

Mill at Calder’s End – TRAILER (directed by Kevin McTurk) - (Hands and feet for several characters)

Beatrix Girls - PILOT (directed by Sherry Gunther Shugerman) - (Lark, the redhead)


Hand & Rod

A Specialized Bike is the Ultimate Gift - Specialized Bikes (directed by Dustin Ortiz) - (Girl with the tambourine)

Save Ugly - The Wilderness Society (directed by Zoë Bell) - (Mary River Turtle)

Jerry the Bear (Skittles ad for Funny or Die) - (Jerry the Bear)

Ira Sings - Halloween Episode (Zombie)

Kate Micucci and Tony Thaxton “Puppets Understand” (directed by Cat Solen) - (Yeti)



Mr. Neighbor's House episodes 1 & 2 (Adult Swim Special) - (Buddy)

Speed Police (TaylorMade Golf – Day eating a sandwich, and Rose with the golf club)

Ben Taylor “Not Alone” (music video directed by Trish Sie) - (Dustin, the main sock marionette)

That’s Correct! (Oreo web contest) Video begins at :49 seconds - (Marionette)

Black Lips “Funny” (official music video directed by David Markey) - (Various marionettes)

Noah and the MegaFauna “Dark Matters” (directed by Sandra Powers) - (Various marionettes)

String (Short film directed by Lei Tao) - (Doll marionette)


Various (shadow, mask, etc.)

En La Noche (table-top and shadow show by Leslie K. Gray) 

Maudit (highlights from the TriPi production)



Iago from Aladdin (hand/rod puppet built for a stage play)

Mechanical Hound (demo of puppet I built for a stage play)

Ghost of Christmas Future – dancing (a poorly lit demo of puppet I built for a stage play)

Ghost of Christmas Future – talking (another poorly lit demo of same puppet)



David Bowie tribute (Puppetzilla Puppet Slam 2016) - I re-created David Bowie's infamous puppet performance on SNL in 1979 (I built the humanette and flat puppets)

Backstage with Salzburg Marionettes (in the Fall of 2013 I had the honor of manipulating one of the Salzburg Marionettes…here’s proof!)

Green with Envy (created with Erik Kuska for the L.A. Guild of Puppetry’s 24 hr. Puppet Project)

Bob Baker Marionette Theater (SOULPANCAKE’s short doc about the magic of The Bob Baker Marionette Theater)

Adrian Rose Leonard DEMO REEL (August 2011)