Nana Dog for McCoy Rigby

Spent the last five weeks working with my good pal Robin Walsh making a Nana Dog costume for the McCoy Rigby theater company's production of Peter Pan. We were given a week to pattern everything from another Nana Dog costume that they already had, but then they had to ship it off to Alaska, so we did the best we could without having the original on hand at all times. I must say that it really turned out great! We're both very proud of the results, and we finished on time without too many headaches!

This was my first time really delving into the world of fabrics and fur...and...Wowsers! I must say that it's not my forte. I enjoyed working with the L200 foam to build the head and feet, but I struggled with some of the fabric issues. It didn't come easy, as I'm used to more sturdy materials (metal, wood, clay, etc.), and working with fabric is kind of like working with's just difficult unless you have some form to lay it on. I won't give up on working with fabric, but I'm looking forward to getting back to what I know! I am very grateful to have had Robin teaching me so much along the way. Hope I can retain some of that info! 

Finished up at The Character Shop

Feb. 2016

Just finished up some work at The Character Shop. Worked with a great group of new folks, along with some familiar faces.

Did some work helping to create the base/facade of a 10ft. robot!

Learned the basics of welding! Still need a lot of practice, but it's nice to have enough knowledge to feel comfortable moving forward.