Member of Sag-aftra

Puppetry skills include: Marionette, table-top/bunraku, hand & rod, shadow


Feature Film

Captain Underpants (director - David Soren; produced by DreamWorks Animation) Puppeteer for sock puppets and rod puppets

Yamasong: March of the Hollows (view trailer here) (director – Sam Koji Hale; produced by Dark Dunes) Principle Puppeteer, table-top rod puppets



Mr. Neighbor's House (episodes 1 & 2 - Adult Swim) - (director Bill Benz) Puppeteer and voice of Buddy the marionette

Hollywood Puppet Show! (seasons 1 & 2 - Fuse) - (director Brian McAllister) Principal Puppeteer of various marionettes

Beatrix Girls (pilot) - (director Sherry Gunther Shugerman) Principal Puppeteer of Lark, rod puppet

Right Hand Guy (pilot for Disney Channel) - (director Cody Snider) Hand puppeteer/double for main character of Jeff

Greatest Party Story Ever (MTV) - (director Crystal Stromer) Lead Puppeteer (four puppet segments for season 1)

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever (Lifetime) - (director Tim Hill) Secondary Puppeteer (paw work)


Music Videos

Puppets Understand (artists Kate Micucci and Tony Thaxton; director Cat Solen) Yeti hand/rod puppet

Not Alone (artist Ben Taylor; director Trish Sie) Dustin T. Sock marionette

Funny (artist The Black Lips; director David Markey) various marionettes

Dark Matters (artist Noah and the MegaFauna; director Sandra Powers) various marionettes


Short Films

The Haunted Swordsman (director Kevin McTurk [currently in production]) - various table-top rod puppets

Amaterasu (director Christine Papalexis; produced for Heather Henson's Handmade Puppet Dreams) - various marionettes

The Mill at Calder’s End (director Kevin McTurk; produced for Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams) - various table-top rod puppets

Monster of the Sky (director Sam Koji Hale; produced for Heather Henson’s Handmade Puppet Dreams) - various table-top rod puppets

Separated (director Alonso Llosa) – Bertico marionette

String (director Lei Tao) – doll marionette


Commercials (Web)

“A Specialized is the Ultimate Gift” - Specialized Bikes - (director Dustin Ortiz) - Female puppet w/ tambourine

"Save Ugly!" - Wilderness Society Australia - (director Zoë Bell) - Mary River Turtle, singing bat, various phytoplankton

"The Light Candle" official Kobolds & Catacombs launch trailer - (director Kirk Thatcher) - Waxmancer Sturmi hand/rod puppet

The Grand Slams (5.0 series) - Denny's - hands and feet for various rod puppets

That’s Correct – Oreo (director Cat Solen) – marionette

Speed Police – TaylorMade Golf Clubs – Day and Rose marionettes

Who makes the Skittles Ads? – Skittles – Jerry the Bear hand puppet



Bob's Burgers Live: at the Orpheum, LA - large-scale foam-fabricated puppets built by Viva la Puppet

Marionette work: Bob Baker Marionettes, Wishing Chair Productions (Nashville, TN), Douglas Seymore, Christine Papalexis

The Elements (director Robin Walsh) large-scale fabric/minimalist puppets

Maudit (director Leslie K. Gray) mask/body puppets

Zen Shorts (Rogues Artist Ensemble) various table-top puppets

En La Noche (director Leslie K. Gray) table-top and shadow puppets